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Brandt-Arbogast farm

Welcome at Brandt-Arbogast Farm

The Brandt-Arbogast Farm situated in the Harthouse area (Alsace, 30km in the North from Strasbourg) cultivates its fruit and its vegetables passionately.

Our products are on sale at the farm, at several markets, namely Strasbourg-Neudorf, Saverne and Haguenau.

We also offer the possibility to put in an order with the farm, which includes delivery to clients in the Haguenau area (call for details).

Fruit and vegetables which are not cultivated by the farm come from farms in the surrounding area.

ferme brandt

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Our Products

  • rubarbe


    Sale per 1 kilo bundles


    Asparagus (April to beginning of June)

    Automatic peeling machine on the premises
    Peeling free of charge

    Sale per :

    First choice: 1 kilo bundles or half bundle
    Second choice: 1 kilo bundles
    Asparagus tips and mini-tips are packaged in small containers

    Do not peel your asparagus. You only need to ask,
    The farm will do it for you!

     pommes de terre New potatoes (from May onwards)
    Provided by a local producer

    Sale per 5 kilo or 10 kilo bags

     A range of vegetables, fruit, cut flowers: all seasonal products provided by local producers (N°1 eggs, flowers, carrots, peppers, turnips, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, radishes, tomatoes, etc)

  • myrtilles

    Blueberries (from end of June to August)

    Sale per weight
    Special offer for jam (depending on the season)
    Pick your own…


    Blackcurrants (from end of June to August)

    Sale per weight
    Pick your own…


    Raspberries (from end of June to August)

    Sale per weight
    Pick your own…


    Redcurrants (from end of June to August)

    Sale per weight
    Pick your own…


    Blackberries (from end of June to August)

    Sale per weight
    Pick your own…


    Strawberries (from end of June to September)

    Grown by a local producer
    Sold in punnets

  • pissenlit Dandelion (february and march)

    Sale per weight

    pommes de terre

    New potatoes (from May onwards)

    Provided by a local grower
    Sale per 5 kilo or 10 kilo bags


    Various soups:

    • Vegetable,
    • Pumpkin,
    • Pea,
    • Cream of chicken,
    • Cream of mushroom

    Homemade terrines:

    • Rabbit with Armagnac,
    • Duck with Porto,
    • Country,
    • “ Grand-mother “


    • sauerkraut,
    • asparagus.

    foie gras

    Holidays season :

    • Duck liver (Foie gras)

    Snails crisp

    Sale per dozen

    croustade escargot  
  • confitures


    • Blueberry,
    • Strawberry,
    • Rhubarb,
    • Raspberry,
    • Pear,
    • And many other kinds! Whatever my grandma takes a notion to …
    confitures 2 The jams from the Brandt-Arbogast Farm are prepared with fruit and vegetables from the garden or fields and orchards in the surrounding area. They are natural: no artificial colouring or conservatives
  • Home salted products



    Farmer bacon called «  bürespack »

    Smoked on the farm
    Packing : fresh or vacuum-packed
    Sale per weight.

    lard sous vide

    Filet mignon and raw ham

    Smoked on the farm
    Packing : fresh or vacuum-packed
    Sale per weight.

    Origin of the smoked products: The Thierry Schweitzer from Schleithal farm, pigs raised on straw and grain fed.

    Traditional know-how, traditional method of salting and smoking, as it was done by our grandmothers. No preservatives no artificial colouring.


    Alsatian tradition dishes ‘ home made ‘

    • Knepfle
    • Grumbeerekuechle
    • Kasknepfle



    For 12 muffins :

    • 150 g flour
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 2 eggs
    • 100 g caster sugar
    • ½ teaspoon baking powder
    • 100 g butter
    • 1 lemon (according to taste)
    • 150 g blueberries

    Thermostat 200°C (therm. 6) / 20-25 min. Preheat the oven to 200°C.

    Knead the softened butter and sugar into a creamy mixture.

    Add the egg yolks, lemon zest (according to taste) and then, the sifted flour with baking powder.
    Beat the white eggs with the pinch of salt until stiff which you then include in the above preparation.
    Carefully add the blueberries and mix.

    Divide the mixture into the moulds of the baking tray by filling ¾ full. Bake in the preheated oven 20-25 min.

    During the cooking, put a needle in the muffins center. It should come out clean and dry. The muffins should be golden and cracked on the top.
    1 minute in the moulds and then place them on a wire rack and leave them to cool for leave them for a few minutes.

    PS : You can replace the blueberries by raspberries (or blackberries) – delicious !!!

The beginning and the end of the growing season depend on weather conditions and therefore can vary.

Harvesting periods are indicated for informative purposes only.

For any further information, please contact the farm directly.

Our Markets

  • Weekly markets :

    Tuesday from 7am to 1pm
    Saturday from 7am to 1pm 
    Address : Hall du marché couvert, Place du marché, District of Neudorf (near the Ste Odile clinic)

    Parking facilities : parking in the streets around the market and a parking lot 50 meters away.

  • Weekly markets :

    Thursday from 7am to 12am30
    Address : Place du Général de Gaulle

    Saturday from 7am to 12am
    Address : Grand’Rue

    Local growers market :

    Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm
    Address : Parvis de la gare 

  • Gourmet market

    From beginning of April until end of October
    Saturday from 8am to 12am30
    Address : Forum of the pedestrian zone

Pension for Horses

  • 3 Cheval

Our commitments:

  • housed, fed and cared for “as our own’,
  • meadow grazing,
  • saddlery available,
  • accommodation in individual horse-box with straw bedding,
  • traditional feed (barley-corn-flattened oats)
  • if required, a vet will be called,
  • livestock insurance liability

At the owner’s expense

  • Blacksmith fees, shearing, insurance,
  • veterinary fees,
  • pharmacy costs,
  • hedging costs,
  • transport costs,
  • the horse must be wormed at least twice a year,
  • grazing in common with other horses must be accepted,
  • equipment storage at the owner’s risk,
  • supplementary insurance should be taken out by the owner to cover the risk of the horse’s death,
  • cost of the stabling to be paid in advance before the 5th of each month by bank transfer.

Contact the farm for prices.

Galerie Photos

Ferme Agnes
Champs Myrtilles
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Ferme Accueil
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Ferme Asperges
Ferme Epluchage
Ferme Sechoir
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Pension 5
Pension 6
Annonce Est Agr Ferme
Pub Est Agr Agnes
Cheval Tournesol
Myrtilles 2
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23 rue principale
Tél. : 00 33 (0) 3 88 73 83 01
Port. : 00 33 (0) 6 71 82 79 30

Opening hours :
April to August :
  • Monday to Friday continuous from 8am up to 7pm
  • Saturday from 8am up to 4pm
  • Sunday morning only from 9am up to 12am

September to March :
  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am and 1.30pm up to 5pm
  • Saturday from 9am up to 12am
  • Sunday closed